Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Things I've Come To Appreciate as a Big Kid

It is the simple things right? A quiet evening at the ranch always reminds me of the simple pleasures in life. The things that you come to appreciate with adulthood. My cleaning and organization skills have clearly evolved over time, and I have clearly started to lean towards the side of an organized person. This past weekend I took an entire day to get my apartment in tip-top shape for the upcoming week.It has been so pleasant to come home to a clean space and to get to spend my evening debating if I should watch the Bachelor or the Carrie Diaries, rather than thinking about the dust bunnies that were rolling through like tumble weeds.

A few other little items I have been enjoying that I think come with the big kid territory:

A nice big bed with fresh clean sheets (and a few of the standby bears)
A antique dish to hold my earings that I wear on a frequent basis. This little dish was a graduation gift from my dad's secretary who is one of the nicest people in the world. I love unpacking this little dish each place I go.
Remember a childhood treat that my dad would bring on Saturdays to finish our ski lunch in the lodge. I have been on a nostalgic kick ever since I saw these near the checkout the other day.
What are some things you appreciate now? Does life really become all about excitement over new socks and steam mops? I may be ok with this. 

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  1. Ahaha! Thinking about your chat from that day still cracks me up.

    My new tumbler makes me unnervingly happy. I dropped it the other day and it didn't dent. That made my day for me... maybe we can add that alongside new socks and steam mops ;)