Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snowquester- A Rain Day

True to DC form, the scare of some "major winter storm" cause the government offices to shut down for the day this past Wednesday. The result of this massive overreaction was a day off due to....rain.
Yep. There was less than 1/4" of snow. Instead there was rain. Lots and lots of rain. I wasn't complaining! I woke up thinking I was going to have to go to work, and instead I was greeted with an entire day to myself!

I did have to work a bit in the morning (but work in my jammies, is always much much more fun), but then I was free to go to the gym, read, watch the Food Network, annnnd get some much neglected baking done.

The SO passed along a recipe for cookies inspired by the flavor of s'mores the other day, which I knew I was going to have to make at some point. After a quick glance at the recipe, I kind of panicked thinking about my sub-par grocery store and their almost certain lack of "cookie butter". I found a similar recipe as backup in case I couldn't round-up the said "cookie butter", bundled myself up in rain gear and trucked to the store. Amazingly, the mysterious "cookie butter" was at my Safeway (for just a check $6. Sigh) and baking resumed without a hitch.

What resulted:

Oh goodness. I want more just looking at it! Yes that is a toasted marshmallow, with a kiss, atop a soft, chewy, grahamy flavored cookie. It was a perfect way to spend a rainy day. Particularly a rainy day that I was paid to stay home and bake!

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