Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DC: 3 Me: 0

I dread summer in DC. D-R-E-A-D. IT. I hate being hot. I hate being sticky. I hate how it gets so hot and so sticky here that for about 5 months I don't want to do anything outside. Which means almost 1/2 of my year is spent hating being outdoors (so not my style) and trying to hide out inside.

See that? Its gross. 90 degrees!!! What is this crap in April. I am remember the vow I said to myself last summer that it would be my last and final summer here.....annnndddd here I am, another summer later.
The bus this morning was hot, cramped, and already getting that smell-like-a-dead-rodent scent. It is too early for this DC!
In addition to the heat, DC decided to turn up its game again. After some really busy weeks and temporarily forgetting how I just am really not a fan of DC. The city reared its ugly head tonight.
A "networking" drink that lasted approximately 30 minutes,  with a clearly self-interested, pompous, sleaze ball, left me contemplating how people get in their heads that they are so damn important. I saw myself out and walked home discussing this less than polite behavior with a good friend, and the more I talked, the more I just wanted to catch the metro to the airport and buy a one way plane ticket out of here.
And as a PS to this Icantstanddc rant... there are some girls in this city that truly have a lack of respect for social boundaries....and today was just the wrong day to push it. All I want to say to one in particular. BACK. OFF. (and maybe stop trying to weasel your way into someone else's territory via social media).
Annnnnnd with that rant at its end I am going to get some sleep so I can possibly survive the first day of 90's temperatures. Sigh.
Sigh. So DC. You are winning.

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