Thursday, April 25, 2013

Magazine and Inspiration Organization

Like many of us "crafty" and "inspired" people, I have a lot of papers I keep around for "when I have time to make that cake" or "when I throw a 1 year old birthday party". Recently I have been organization, sorting, throwing out and trying to make sense of all of the "inspiration" I want to keep. I was able to throw away two huge piles of magazines after I took the time to tear out all the articles and snip its of inspiration I wanted out of each.

Now the problem is...I have a stack of torn out magazine pages! What does one do with that! Amen for Pintrest.

Ideas for binders, accordion files, sketch books that you treat like a scrap book, and for the overzealous magazine hoarder... plastic bins for each subject matter.

I not being a huge magazine reader, but being a loyal MS Living and Real Simple reader (oh and let's be real...I buy the occasional wedding magazine), have accumulated my fair share of pages and clips of inspiration. I don't need a major organization system, but something better than stashing them in a file box that I open once every 6 months.

I like the idea of a single binder. Organized with tabs for each subject matter area.

I like the clean look of the tabs in this one. My goal is to keep my magazine hoarding contained to one binder. When it gets too full-time to purge.

I also want to take it one step further.

I want to buy one of these and jazz it up al la PaperSource style with some fancy paper and maybe a ribbon embellishment!


I mean look at that! So beautiful! Perhaps the prettier, the more likely I am to stay organized and use the system!

Also on my list to consolidate, reduce and organize.... my personal files, my keepsakes box, and physical photos that I have from the days before the iPhone.

As a ps...who ever thought this girl would be one to post about organization and how to get her messes under control? I guess we all grow up right?

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  1. Oh love this idea! Always love ways to stay organized!