Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Ava

It is my sweet sweet sweet little niece's first BIRTHDAY today! I can't even believe a whole year has flown by! A little note to her on this very special day:


I can't tell you how much I love you. My heart simply is so full of love for you and your brother that it is sometimes hard to know how it holds it all. You are such a little lady, and look so much like your mommy! I know that watching you grow up is going to be so much fun, because this first year has been awesome. You are such the perfect addition to our family, and bring so much joy that I know none of us could have imagined!

I love seeing pictures of you and gramps, or you in your darling clothes that grams picks out for you. I know Theo scares you a little--but he really does just love you as much as we do!

Your mom and dad are going to teach you so many amazing things and they love you so much! Wyatt will always look out for you, as all big siblings do. You are the baby, the youngest sibling, and it brings so much fun! I can teach you all sorts of things about being the youngest!

Well little Ava, I hope you got a slice of cakes and many many many snuggles today! You are the best little niece anyone could have wished for and I love you so so so much! Happy First Birthday!!!

All my Auntie Love,

Aunt Andrea

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