Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pittsburgh. Take Three.

We have been to Pittsburgh a few times now. Once as a weekend get-away to check out Falling Water and to just soak in the sites.Then we returned last summer to catch a Pittsburgh Pirates game after spending time in Cleveland.

For Valentine's day I decided to give N tickets to see the Book of Mormon musical complete with amenities, meal and entertainment.

We drove up Saturday morning. Quickly found some lunch at Primanti Brothers (such a Pittsburgh staple for me!)

Then we tracked down a cab to take us to the Mattress Factory Art Museum. We had tried to visit this on our first visit, but the timing didn't work out, so I had put this on the list of things for us to see this time around!

It is a unique art museum experience, with resident artists who live on site and create full-room art installations.

My favorite pieces were three installations by James Turrell. They were simple (one in particular was so simple it was almost a mind game!) but vibrant.

I also really enjoyed Yayoi Kusama's awesome pieces as well.

After the MF we decided to walk back to our hotel because it was going to take awhile to find a cab, so we got to walk through this adorable neighborhood.

There was a neighborhood bar! We both agreed that this would make any street the coolest place to live! If we had not been running low on time, we would have stopped for a quick beer!

After we got home, we quickly changed and freshened up before heading to dinner at Braddock's American Brasserie and then we headed over to the show!

The theater was beautiful! Our seats were pretty decent, it was a small theater which made just about any seat a decent seat. The musical was hilarious. Some great songs and really funny plot line and jokes. If you get the chance to see it...I recommend it!

After a busy day we were le pooped and enjoyed the fact that our hotel was a measly three blocks from the theater. The next morning we made a mad dash out of Pittsburgh, dealt with re-booking some work travel for N and then me flopping on the couch and enjoying the remaining hours in the weekend!

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  1. I remember reading about that exhibit (or perhaps the artist... or both) a while ago- how cool that you were able to attend! I have never been to Pittsburgh, but it looks like I need to go!

    ps- how was the Book of Mormon? I've been wanting to go see it!