Friday, November 22, 2013

Job Searching

I went into this most recent job search having a pretty targeted idea of what I wanted to be doing. This made the process much harder, but also a lot easier knowing that I wasn't  hunting for just any job. Knowing generally what it is that you want to be doing is always a plus. I also realized that there were things about work environment, type of company, etc. that also helped direct my job search. I knew that I wanted to go back to the private side of business. My non-profit stint really had been for the experience (oh, and an experience it was!) but not with the long term in mind, and I knew that going in. I wanted to see HR not only from the private side,  but also see how it changed when you worked at a non-profit. I also knew that with DC being only a means to an end as far as my geographical location, I figured I should try out the non-profit world while I was in the thick of it all. Lucky for me, not only did I get the non-profit flavor I was looking for, but I also got to touch on HR related to the public sector as well. These different lenses of business and HR were exactly what I had been hoping to experience. 

All combined, it was good. I had all these different lenses in which to see HR and business from. I felt like I spoke a lot of "languages" after having to bounce between different people and different projects. I knew going back to the private sector now would allow me to do something different. HR is never (or rarely) seen as any sort of profit generator for a company. Now, as an HR person...I totally disagree, but I can also see how this school of thought has been developed and how it will be hard to break away from. I wanted to try my hand in being a piece of an organization that was viewed differently than just overhead. I wanted to offer expertise, insight and knowledge to generate a value to my organization and to other organizations. I loved that idea of working with a variety of clients. Getting to tackle a variety of issues and constantly having to rethink and modify my knowledge to fit their needs.

My job search took awhile. I was picky, focused, and not willing to compromise on what I wanted. I felt like one of those couples on house hunters where the host has to give them the "Your wish is a bit too long" pep talk. But, I am stubborn like no other and I stuck with my laundry list of desires. 

It's not easy, this whole "being an adult" thing. You have to walk a very thin line of what is best and what is necessary. Paying rent and having food in the fridge is important, but doing something that makes you feel like you are growing and is interesting to you, is really important too. Job searching is like anything else. 

It is hard, until it is easier. 

Living in a world where you are constantly inundated with information, status updates, updated titles on linkedin. It is hard to know if you are making the right choices for yourself. Feeling steady on your own two feet can sometimes feel like you are a new born giraffe with splayed legs. 

Like everything, it comes together, and when it does, it feels oh so good. 

So if your looks, thinking about looking, or just started a new job. Remember, it all works out. If you want to take some sorority logic to heart: "Just trust the process" (and remember that writing a good cover letter is going to be the golden approach!). 

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