Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Weekend ReCap

  • I got to have lunch and some girl time with one of my favorites on Saturday. We don't get to spend a ton of time together, but our past work experience really cemented our friendship together and whenever we do see each other we laugh until our sides hurt.
  • We got some clothes shopping in, and luckily I had a girlfriend there to talk me into buy a burgundy sweater, rather than the black version, since my closet is starting to look pretty monotone these days! Does anyone else get that? That they gravitate to two or three colors in their closet? Mine are navy, gray and black. Almost everything I own!
  • I picked up some clear glass ornaments, metallic paint and ribbon to attempt homemade silver and gold ornaments. Some gold glitter also found it in my basket...perhaps for the intent to glitter-fy  some sticks for a centerpiece (the BF is cringing at the thought).
  • The BF and I saw Captain Philips later Saturday night, and I loved that there was enough suspense, without it being something that gave me a stomach ache!
  • On the way home, my beloved 18 year old car shut down all systems and required us to have her towed out to Arlington. Luckily, the auto shop I took her to has been great to work with and I am so impressed with how upfront, professional and honest they are about what needs to be done. I should have her back later this week or early this week, but I can say not having my car at my fingertips..well it is strange.
  • Sunday. It was a definition of a lazy Sunday. I was not in a very good mood from the car issue Saturday night. I hate dealing with things like that (talk about not putting on my big girl pants) but it just makes me so overwhelmed. So I watched TV, napped, and spent a very lazy Sunday.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that my car issues will quickly be resolved and  my car will be home soon!

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