Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Temporary Wallpaper

After starting to set up my new "office" I quickly learned how hard it was to redecorate when you have a very bland canvas to work off of. It is almost like all those off white walls are too limitless. I remember when I was picking paint for my studio, how overwhelmed I was with options, and the idea that I had to live with my decision. least for awhile.

Now, I am finding myself in an opposite situation. Knowing that I've made the decision for my time in DC to be winding down, I don't want to do anything too permanent or two expensive since I am doing everything in my power to uproot myself out of DC and don't want to set any roots in, even if just decorating roots.

Paint is too much work, as I can attest from having to prime back the studio when I moved out (I even had to take an unexpected day off work to finish it was such a big job!), and as much as I would love to have a stripped wall again...

I had to think if some other options. Enter temporary wallpaper. Or renters wallpaper. There are some really amazing versions out there that are like big stickers, and can even be removed and relocated, which is amazing. These are certainly not cheap, but truly are the renters dream.

Some of my favorite options that I found: 
The antler paper by chasing paper is hands down my favorite, I would do a wall, room, hallway, ANYTHING, in a heartbeat with that pattern!

These all seem to be some of the easiest to apply and remove, but there is a more mainstream product that seems to get some recognition as well.

Sherwin Williams has a line of " easy change" papers that aren't supposed to destroy your walls when it is time to take it down. Curious to see some of their patterns available (their website really sucks) I headed to a local SW to see what I could find out.
They do have a decent selection of prints. I liked some, but was turned off by most of them. I also found out that there seems to be some water involved in removing the paper...makes me a tad wary. Also, after hearing about the "reasonable" cost, I was a bit surprised to find that they really are not much more affordable in comparison to some more niche brands. Since I went and pilfered through about 20 books of wallpaper designs, I'll share with you some of my favorite so you can decide if it is an option without having to trek out to your own SW.
Loved this one. Simple silver pattern.
This one also really spoke to me. Feminine  but not girls so I think you could get a dude to sign up for it in a bedroom.
Love the color and a geometric. The print was pretty small, so might be best on a smaller wall surface.
This one would was the perfect size for a larger wall, without being too busy.

So if your looking for a [temporary] change in your apartment, these wallpaper options may be just what you need! I am for sure going to be trying this once I am westward and settled into someplace that I really want to be a home.

Has anyone found any other vendors or options for similar products? Or has anyone tried the SW option? I couldn't find a lot of info on anyone who has used it before!


  1. Oooo nice! I love how you always decorate a wall. It's definitely inspired me to start thinking about how I'm going to decorate my new space. I'm going to have a temp wall up, so I just might have to paint that :)

    1. Thanks! I just found some other alternatives too, since there are clearly some draw backs with the renters wallpaper. I have a post coming soon on those too!