Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Using Fabric as Wallpaper

I have doing some more research on temporary decorating options for apartment dwellers. I really love the idea of temporary wallpaper or renters wallpaper, that I wrote about earlier this month, but as I mentioned in the post there are a few drawbacks 1) cost and 2) unknowns of how clean it actually removes. While white walls can be crisp and provide a modern background for an apartment, the option to personalize a space with paint or wallpaper is a great option to add a design element. Lately, I have been hearing about another alternative that seems to be the most affordable and easiest to remove option! Enter...


As wallpaper!!

The options are greatly expanded, as my reading seems to suggest that a medium, to heavy weight cotton fabric and some liquid cornstarch will transform a wall. With places like IKEA even selling bold printed fabrics for purchase by the yard, this can be a cost- effective and low-commitment project. 

Some great posts that I found on how this works and what the expected outcome can be are here, here and here

Seems simple, but I am sure there is some time (and a buddy) needed to get it up on the wall. I also think being smart about the design is key here. Lining up repeating patterns can be tricky! I also read some comments about the fabric shrinking once it was wet, so the panels would pull away from each other, and also that some fabrics would bleed the color onto the wall. Perhaps prewashing your fabric would be smart.

I am impressed by how permanent the results look and the fact that it really does sound like there is very little residue or issue with removing it when it is time to pack up and move. 

Has anyone tried this? Would anyone try this DIY?

As another option, albeit a very temporary one, wrapping paper seems to also get the same affect but with very little permanence. A quick and easy solution which you can read about here.  

Read about my original ideas of using temporary or renters wallpaper here. 

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