Thursday, November 7, 2013

These Are Some of My Favorite Things

►Apparently these bobby pins will make a huge difference when doing your hair.
►I am thinking these will have to made for some sort of winter get-to-gether.
►Make your own gift bags?!? Amazing! Now just to find the right type of paper and a big enough printer!
►I usually get drawn to a certain craft medium when I see something I just know I have to make. This blanket may having me taking up a new craft here soon.
►Not only do they make beautiful printed paper products, they also made a super great resource for wedding correspondence etiquette.
►Feeling in a funk or irritate by life? This is my new go-to for getting myself out of my head and changing my thoughts into something more productive.
►These amazing libraries make me want to travel, and spend some time browsing the stacks. (Also note that Seattle highlight!)
►I want some of these stamp sets. Namely the city and winter sets!

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