Thursday, February 20, 2014

A New Phone & How Sophisticated Verizon Is

That epic fail adventure, where I accomplished approximately 15% of what I had hoped and never got that car wash, also included a detour to the Verizon store since there was one in the mall. I have been having issues with my iphone dying after hardly any use, and dying almost instantly if I take it out of my pocket for two seconds when skiing. I was told that cold weather affected their batteries, and that it probably wasn't the phone and there wasn't much I could do. Deciding to try again, I explained my conundrum to another customer service person (who was actually very pleasant and nice) to which she ran a very technical test to determine if I was having battery issues.

She used my phone to call her phone, and then we proceeded to let it sit for ten minutes to see if the battery dropped between 6-10%. 

Like I said....very technical. Sigh. 

You can probably tell how this ended up. My phone, according to this test, was "fine". However, they recommended I take it to the Apple store and they could run a true diagnostic. *Slaps forehead*.

Running out of steam after that disastrous errand trip, it has taken me awhile to make plans to get it into a store. This last weekend, I was sipping some coffee at a little shop near our apartment, and decided I needed to get my ipad in to have the home button looked at, and could then take my phone in too. 

Low and behold. Apple could run a real test and what did they find? 

Oh just that my battery has failed in my iphone. Ha! Haha! Ha! Verizon. 

Back to a Verizon store- armed with my "doctors note" from the genius bar, stating that my phone was on its last legs. Naturally, Verizon apologized profusely, said they were so sorry I had to go through all that trouble, whipped out a brand new iphone, and sent me on my merry little way. 


Not exactly.

After a 45 minute wait. I was so lucky as to have to explain this whole situation about five times to the Verizon customer service person, who tried to send a replacement phone to my parents address, ordered the wrong color, and also could not understand for the life of them why I wouldn't have just had apple fix my phone. Maybe because I have an issuance policy with YOU and not apple. 

Needless to say, after a lot of time. I just opened up my new-to-me iphone that hopefully has a much better battery situation going on. 

Wish me luck!

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