Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Adult Learning

I hit delete on my blog template the other day, and quickly felt the clam in my hands. Let's ignore the fact that I saved the html in a safe place juuussssttttt in case. I dove head first in. Reading. Trying to find tutorials. Dusting the cobwebs off of Gimp and trying to think through things like "color palate" and "concept". Give me a gold medal in conceptual ideas (see what I did there? Gold Medal?), but I've missed the podium (ok, I'll stop) on anything technical. 

There still is this big struggle about staying with blogger, or moving to wordpress. If I move to wordpress, do I get a personal domain and start investing some money into blogging? Trust me, after a few hours of accomplishing very very very little I even went over to Etsy to see if just paying someone to do my redesign was going to be an option. Luckily, I went to bed before I just threw money at the problem. 

I want to give it some real effort, see if I can figure some things out on my own. It may end up being totally amateur, but it is worth trying, and something to call a little project. 

What I have also found interesting...there are a lot of "tutorials" out there on creating your own customized template, but very few actually tell you how to really do anything. Not to mention, bloggers don't seem super eager to document a step by step process for redesigning a blog. As much as learning how to make a "pin it" button for my photos is attractive and doesn't carry a lot of use when I am currently looking at my purple polka dot background! Lord give me patience and point me in the direction of some helping resources ASAP!

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