Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lit & Co.

Lit & Co. Candles

I really like a good candle. However, I am really picky about scents. Most of them just don't do it for me and the ones that do usually are those $80 candles that I just can't fathom buying. I mentioned awhile back how much I loved my White Tea candle from Lit & Co.. Since then, I have continued to love the candle, and luckily, it has held up to my love by burning slowly and preserving what I have left of it. Granted, like all good things, it will come to an end, and I will have to replace it. I get a little sad when I look over while I am working and realize that it is getting down to its end. 

At Christmas this year, I wanted to share the love, so I purchased my aunt and cousin their own candles and they were a hit! Every time I think about heading to Boise, I know I will have to make a stop at Indie Made, an adorable little boutique downtown and grab another candle. Thank goodness KJ has an etsy shop where I can get my paws on some more candles. 

I love my white tea scent but I am also eager to try the grapefruit-mandarin, lemon verbena, woodland, bonfire, chai tea, linen and hazelnut vanilla! The candles make great gifts, the ones in the metal tins are just the cutest, but I also just saw that you can get a 12 month subscription too! Such a luxurious gift if you ask me!

So if you want to support a local Boisean and get your hands on a fantastic candle, I really suggest you check out Lit & Co. 

And guess what! This was not a sponsored post! I love these candles so much, and honestly was just looking at the store today, and thought I should share with all you readers!

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