Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ansel Then & Now

New Mexico is beautiful. The landscapes are really really gorgeous and I've loved getting to go the Georgia O'Keefe museum and to also learn about Ansel Adams history with the state through some of his art. When we were there last, we got to see a few of his sites of inspiration. You can our stop to see St. Francis church near Taos here.

A little bit later on our drive the boyfriend says "The photo that is over our bed, was taken somewhere out there", as he gestures in a direction. Quickly looking it up he finds out that it really isn't far, and we decide to take a detour to see if we can find the location.
It took us awhile to track down exactly how to get on the side road that leads the the church but we finally found it and were able to get a few quick pictures. The area has certainly changed over the years with a ton of trailers and industrial buildings crowding around the church and cemetery now. Here is what we got to see:

From the road you can't even get a clear view similar to what Adams saw, so it hard to see the resemblance, but the mountains in the background help you to envision what it was back in the day.

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