Tuesday, October 7, 2008

D.C. United Game

This past weekend Alex took me to a D.C. United game. It was through his work, so we got to sit with the NDI group, which was neat to see who he works with. The stadium is older, having been the playing grounds for the Redskins and the Nationals in prior years. Food options are limited and not nearly as good as going to a Nationals game. And don't expect there to be any ketchup. We did a marathon walk looking for ketchup for our chicken fingers and were left to use mustard or being condiment-less.

The game was really fun though. It felt very European, with the crazy section of devoted fans waving giant flags, throwing around rolls of crate paper, banging on huge drums and generally just going wild. The game was relatively short for a sporting event but was very interesting. United didn't score which was sad, but I will still impressed with the level of skill.

Half time ended up being very entertaining as there was a giant yellow chicken with an odd tail, wearing a sombrero dancing, or rather bopping around on the field while little kids teams faced off against each other.

This was the chicken

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