Saturday, October 18, 2008

Slacking on the Postings: Culinary Delight Update

So I have really been slacking on posting. I can't seem to find the cable for my camera so I have to elaborately connect my camera to my printer and it ends up being this whole ordeal! So I'll do a series of posts to paraphrase some going-ons. I'll start with my culinary adventures!

Tonight: Chicken Yummyness (some recipe off of that Alex's aunt made for us when we went over one night, but we substituted chicken for pork) and it was amazing! Simple recipe: 1/4 cup butter, 1/4 soy sauce, 1 bunch green onions and some minced garlic, serve with rice and viola!

For the last presidential debate: I know you have all been holding your breath about what I dreamed up to serve at the last presidential debate. I had run out of patriotic/themed ideas so the closest I got was... New York Cheesecake (for the location) and on top........the Obama logo in a sour cream frosting. Here is the results of my labor:

And a few weeks ago: I made one of my dad's specialties (however not his recipe) Swiss Steak. It was pretty decent, for not being my dad's. I could have definitely used some more seasoning in addition to what Better Homes and Gardens listed.

And a disappointment: Or rather a big pile of icky icky ikcyness. The quick meal version of beef stroganoff from better homes and gardens. This was by far my biggest culinary disaster so far. Alex's quote was "Notice how I ate it so fast" ( aka...I didn't want to taste anything) it was so bad I had to refrain from throwing it up! Anyways due to its incredible grossness, there will be no photo.

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  1. The NY Cheesecake looks Martha-worthy! Great job :)