Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Take Me Out To the Ball Game

I had asked Alex to take me to a baseball game at the new Nationals park. (Ironically I am now employed by the firm that did much of the planning and development of the park, but more about that later). We took the metro in, which was decently crowded on the way in and I was in awe when we got off the metro and went to take the escalators up to street level, to see that all the escalators were going way to go down!

The Nationals played the San Diego Padres. Unfortunately the opening singer who performed the national anthem was less than talented and made you grit your teeth. The park is very open and clean and does boast some decent baseball food options. I was a fan of their cotton candy but not impressed with their overly priced-overly iced sodas.

On Fridays there is a fireworks show following the game, we went on a Sunday so didn't get to see that, but we did get to watch the President races (some historical presidential mascots racing around on Segway scooters...Roosevelt never wins apparently). The park does boast a huge, amazing LED screen that really does enhance your ability to watch the game and catch the score.

The Presidents Race...

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