Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello Cupcake...Hello Yummy

Well I might be in trouble. Hello Cupcake has been introduced to me. A few girls from work took a "cupcake break" a few days ago and invited me along. So looking to make friends, I tagged along for the social interaction. What I got was the most delicious and tasty cupcake! The shop makes you feel like you have ented into a hello kitty land, or land of the sweets from the Nutcracker. Complete with a pink chandelire the shop is girly, cute, and filled with the aroma of yummy baked treats. The menu changes throughout the week. But I decided on a 24 Karrot,and the HC Original. My only gripe would be that I had to carry my cupcakes in a bag, (which is recycled!!), but the frosting smeared in the bag and wasn't nearly as cute as carrying a little cupcake box! But despite the smeared frosting. The cupcakes were amazing! The 24Karrot had a fluffy and delicious cream cheese frosting that made me wishing I had ordered two! I saved the original for later and split it with Alex (because I am that nice!) and it was the tastiest regular cupcake I have ever had! I am deffinetly hooked on the cupcake craze now!

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