Monday, December 7, 2009

10 Days! Eep!

In ten days I will be snug as a bug cuddling with the poodle in the green room (yes we have a room with green--rather teal carpet) watching Christmas movies and hopefully hearing the crackling noises of the fire.

While I am still in DC I wanted to make the apartment a little more festive so I brought out my glittery snowflakes, gold star garland and single string of lights and put some Christmas pizzaz around the apartment. I decorated our chandalier and according to my roomates BF it is very "Anthropologie-esque" which I love! The combination of christmas decor and the cold weather has gotten me super excited for Christmas.

To backtrack...This weekend was pretty low key. Friday night I grabbed dinner and drinks with Erin. While we were eating dinner I also saw the TV flash the news about Amanda Knox being found guilty. Strange to finally hear some sort of conclusion after two years and all the times of checking in on the case to see what was going on. Granted there will be appeal after appeal I am sure, but crazy to think Amanda has been in jail for two years while they have been holding this trial! After dinner we headed to grab some beers and then headed home for the evening.

Saturday I grabbed lunch with Scott to give back his keys and DVDs I had borrowed from pet sitting Puck. Note: It really looks like you are breaking up when a girl hands back keys and a DVD in public...kind of funny looks passed our way. That evening I started making some cookies for my cookie exchange with the ADPi Alum Board for the following evening. I ended up having to make two batches but now I have TONS of left over cookies (and other people's cookies sitting around!).

Sunday I finished baking and then headed to the board meeting and then came home and watched a movie.

Upcoming this week: Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut...a little nervous about this. Wednesday evening I am going to check out the Young HR professionals networking event hosted by SHRM. Can't turn down free wine and cheese! Hopefully I'll meet some cool young HR people. Saturday is my work's holiday party and I am very excited since last year I had a stomach flu and didn't really get to enjoy the party.

I need to squeeze in some Christmas shopping and hopefully picking up my new bedframe somewhere in there too!

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  1. busy girl! I'm curious to hear about the YP hh. Your chandelier decs are adorable!