Saturday, December 19, 2009

Doing Absolutely Fabulously Nothing

Today consisted of...nothing.

In a good way. Nicole had a good friend come over with her family to see Wyatt and then I took and nap along with Wyatt (boo being sick- I hope I get over this soon!) and then ran some errands with my mom and picked up some cold/cough medicine.

I have to comment that one thing I forget about being home is how quiet the world seems. Granted things in Idaho are just a tad bit...."slower", but in general there is just less noise. When you sleep you can hear the hum of the refrigerator upstairs. And when you walk outside you can hear a siren downtown. And that whole people are friendly, I forgot just how friendly. I am constantly taken aback by people talking, commenting and generally just treating you like their BFF. I am sure my face says "strange" every time it happens to me.

Hopefully tomorrow I really start to feel better because as much as a love lounging around my parents house, I am ready to get out and get some shopping done!

I will also say...and this is for the record books...I wish I was in DC and could play in the snow (BUT I am very thankful to be home safe and sound).

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