Sunday, December 27, 2009

Home for the Holiday(s)

My first week at home has been wonderful (despite STILL being sick, pretty sure I am going to lose my voice and have a cough for the next year of my life) but spending time with the family has been great. Wyatt and Nicole took off today (Jon had to go back yesterday which was sad, but I relished in every moment I got to spend with Wyatt. While I know I am a bragging Aunt, I think you would have to agree with me that Wyatt is the most amazing, adorable and sweet loving little guy you will ever meet! Last week I got to have an entire afternoon alone with him while Nicole took one of her architecture exams and it was the best 4 hours I have had in a long time. He is really engaged with people and laughs a lot! Last night I got him barreled over with laughs singing my version of "your a maniac a maniac!" he loved it! He hasn't started crawling yet, but he is getting really close and when you hold him sometimes he will start jumping up and down with his legs like he is in his jumper, so he is ready to go!

Here are some favorites of Wyatt:

Wyatt became increasingly aware of Theo and really wanted to "play" with him by the end of his visit. Luckily Theo can put up with Wyatt petting (rather pulling large chunk of fur). But I have a feeling Wyatt and Theo are going to be good buddies.

Me and Wyatt

Wyatt Hanging out with the Christmas tree awaiting Santa.
For Christmas eve we went to my Aunt Dixie's house for our traditional get together with them, my family and my cousins who live in Mtn. Home. It was crazy to see my second cousins...every year they get taller and more grown up! We did our usual Christmas gift game and then had a delish dinner and opened presents. My cousins got me a great little microwave steamer and my aunt and uncle got me a much needed scarf and glove set.

Christmas morning we got some exciting news... (More information to come!) and then ate breakfast, did stockings, and started on gifts. Wyatt had to take a break for a mid-morning nap but then joined us and was really into unwrapping (and eating) the wrapping paper. Family friends came over to see Wyatt (and us) and then the rest of the day consisted of constructing and decorating the gingerbread house ( another post) and decorating gingerbread cookies which is a long standing family tradition. We use food coloring and toothpicks to draw designs on the cookie frosting. Some turn out really cool...some are really ugly....

Tomorrow we are going to go skiing in the afternoon and then I am sure I am going to need to take a nap for sure. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!

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