Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Here is a shout out to my newly dubbed hair dresser...Mark and Bang! I read some reviews, did some research and finally settled on trying out Mark and seeing what magic he could work with my fine, long, not-quite-grown-out-not-short-enough hair. He is the first stylist to encourage me to leave my bangs long and move away from having the traditional swoopy bang like I have had for past years, and going with a more sophiticated look with some longer bangs that frame my face. He also LISTENED! Usually I say " I am growing my hair out for locks of love so I don't want to lose a lot of length" and I leave 5 inches back from where I was in growing out my hair which is so defeating! Not Mark... Mark held true to his word and simply "clean-up my look". The thing I am most excited about, I am totally going to trust Mark when it comes time to chop the locks and go back to super short hair again. I love his consulting style AND his gift of gab. We had a great conversation that was more than favorite TV shows , and he also wasn't in any hurry to push me out the door. I also love that he seems to know his clients and I know if I return he will remember our conversation and my hair goals. Anyone in DC looking for a great hair stylish... I am sending a Holla to Mark!

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  1. so happy for you.
    a good stylist is so important but so hard to find!!!