Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Kate, You've Done it Again.

My love affair with Kate continues. Bows, ribbons, sequins and fabulous colors...what is there not to love?

Let's talk about that dress. (minus the tights, cute but not me!) I would rock feather headpiece as well!

The shoes might be the next LOML. Black satin ribbon and a bow? Yes that is right, made for me. Thank you Kate.
This green, so cute. The bow, so darling. The size, so perfect. I feel like I am goldylocks stumbling upon the "just right" porridge.
Ok, so hats...not cute on me. I just can't really pull them off. But this. This might be the exception. I can imagine myself looking pretty darn cute walking my poodle, wearing my black coat, rocking this hat and carrying that green clutch. Fabulous. I think so.

1 comment:

  1. yeah i can pretty much see you rockin all of those quite fabulously :)