Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Paint Colors

This thought has really been bothering me recently.

Why do they even sell ugly paint colors???

I know that "good" paint colors are subjective but colors like "convict orange" and "pee yellow"...really? Why do we even let people have the option of picking these. People wonder why people make bad paint decisions...because we let them!!

Anyone...can you explain why we have ugly paint color options??

About tonight:

I had a great dinner at Redfeather with a few friends from high school tonight and had a great meal with some great company. The rest of my day was shopping/returning clothes with my mom, who is such a trooper to help me find awesome clothes! I ended up with a great black sweater dress and a grey sweater and some darling accessories. We shopped at Barbara Barbara which has been a favorite of mine for years. I will second the yelp reviews and say they take such great care of you and make you feel so cute when you do find a fabulous piece of clothing! And to also make a rebuttal, yes the clothes are expensive...FOR BOISE! The clothes here are a steal compared to DC prices...so stock up...especially if you are BBDakota or Jack BBDakota fan... because there stuff is darling and looks fabulous on my five foot frame.

After that my mom and I went to Cabellas to return a gift for my sister and I scouted the BBHP game to play with Erin and also scouted the fabulous Idaho Men in the store (can we same CAMO anyone?)

I am getting increasingly stressed about returning to DC. My family is awesome and Idaho is so beautiful. I miss seeing mountains and skiing and feeling like myself. But I also know there will be a huge amount of relief getting back to DC and knowing that I am not going to cry for days or plan on how I am going to pack my car with all of my stuff to move back to the west coast. At least I can say I have grown enough into DC, that I feel like I fit in, I have a place, and I like that place (even if I do miss my former lives). But...change is good. And I am growing in DC. Figuring out who I am, finding happiness in different things and learning to realize that the Idaho part of me will never leave, but i just have to figure out how to mix into my big-girl self.

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