Friday, December 11, 2009

The Main Attraction!!

So what you have all been waiting for, and what took me forever to get around to doing. Presenting.....The Apartment!!

Alright folks...

Here it is in all of it's glory...

I'm a little nervous to show you all these. It seems so personal. I feel a little vulnerable! Okay maybe that is a bit dramatic, but no judging!!

The door in back right is our front door. The door straight back and to the left is my roomates room.

Looking into the apartment from the front door you look into our dining/living area. And to the right is the door to my room, which we will get to later. You can see my Christmas lights and chandelier decorations.

Here is some more living room, TV, and the closed door is the 2nd door to my bedroom which I keep closed.

These are our little plants, my basil is starting to sprout, so hopefully some pesto in the near future.
The couch and other side of the living room.

The "reading nook"
The Kitchen, (minus the roaches)
More Kitchen, and if you look really closely you can see my giraffe measuring spoons next to my roommate's measuring geese.

Roommate's room
And finally.....MY ROOM! I love the shelves that I bought from the girl who lived here before me.
The duvet, Sun Valley Posters and Idaho plate

And then my little tiny bathroom.

So that is it! The abode! I feel so Carrie Bradshaw. If only I stored my extra clothes in the oven (which I might have to because my closet is SO packed). But I am a fan! Hope you all think it is as charming and darling as I do!


  1. oh that is just absolutely adorable and fab. i love that both of you have animal kitchen appliances.
    yay! i'm so happy you put pics up :D

  2. You place is so cute! I'm so glad you posted pics!