Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am sure I am just behind in the times, but someone pointed this out to me the other day on youtube and I seriously can not get enough. I listen to it for hours on end right now. I am dancing around my living room right now (ok well not right now since I am writing this) playing around with choreography and trying not to wake the neighbors or roommate by doing any crazy leaps in my itty bitty space of a living room. I miss dancing. I miss playing the violin and piano. I miss those outlets of emotion. Granted the violin was one of the most frustrating things I ever took on in my life. And dancing had its own set of challenges, but I can safely say when asked the question "what would you do with your life if money and obligation was not a factor?" I would say:

Own a dance studio.

This is where I danced back in Idaho. Dance Arts had the most amazing environment and my dance teacher there was one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. I will be totally honest, when I started ballet (and I started late compared to most people) I sucked. Bad. But I can not even begin to tell you about the time Lary invested in me. By the time I headed off to college I had gained so much technique and skill and I ended up becoming a dance minor in college. Unfortunately I did not really buy into the dance program in college so it wasn't the experience I was hoping for, but some of my teachers there were equally as inspiring and I learned some great things from them as well.

I feel a need to really be expressing myself through dance again. I think for awhile I really was just emotionally disconnected from things which dancing is all about emotion (and technique) but if you aren't ready, or emotionally available to be passionate about it, it will be a constant struggle. Because let's face it- there is nothing natural about pointe shoes or the form of ballet.

Now I feel like I am in a place where I am in tune with my passion and emotion for dance and I am hungry to brush off the shoes and really make it apart of my life again. Sadly I have been less than impressed with the DC dancing scene as far as finding a studio that is close by, affordable, and comfortable. Hopefully I can find one and get back into it.

Or my roommate is going to have to deal with me using our dining room chairs to do barre exercises in the evenings!


  1. It's a beautiful youtube video isn't it? It makes me want to express myself too... If only I could dance. :)

    Have you ever seen this one?

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  3. totally right with you on the piano thing. You've inspired me to start back up again. Thanks :)

  4. perhaps you'd like this version:

    there's a ballerina in it ;)