Saturday, April 24, 2010

New hair cut (no one get excited..nothing new...just trimmed) but went out. Drank some fabulous cheap beer annnnnndddd

played my best game of BBHP EVER. Ever ever ever. It was epic. I became a something special with my 5 PERFECT SITES. yes that is right. I am from Idaho and I like to shoot digital buck. A-mazing.

Also walking home I over hear this:

"no way man. N-O-W way"

(in my head...wait isn't that "now way"?)

"No dude, I am going to get my jammies (I kid you not blog readers he said jammies) on. so N-O-W way"

( in my head again. OMG...figure out N-O)

"Seriously dude, I just want some jammies and my tv... N-O-W way am I going there for you. N-O-W. I said N-O-W"

(head: no you said really he does't understand)

ahhh yes. Friday night. Fab-u-lous.