Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shopping List

So a few things I have on my "need to purchase/budget" for:

1) A bed. As it is right now my ridiculously comfortable bed just hangs out on my floor, thank goodness it came with a box spring! But after many months of contemplating...I think this is the final decision:


2) New Laptop- My parents gave me some money for Christmas and I just have had a lack of commitment to purchase this guy:

Digging the white. Just need to have some commitment to press the "purchase" button.


3) The Wonderbar

I am a little nervous to spend $40 on this, BUT due to some of my allergies to certain prescriptions I am about to break down and see if the Wonderbar is really a "wonder". All the reviews RAVE about it, so I believe this would be a solid $40 spent. I am sure I will write a review once I make the plunge!

Heard & Seen: UrbanGrace

4) This jacket from American Apparel

With a pair of black leggings and my new headband. Excellent


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