Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Re-cap and I Am Getting Old

Today was awful! I managed to pull a muscle in my neck/back leaving for work this morning (gah-can we say old age setting in?) and was in more pain than I could really manage all day. I also just had zero desire to be at work today and just felt off- with little ability to really focus and get into anything I was working on. I managed to get things done between the pain and my wandering thoughts but my prayers tonight are to help heal my neck/back quickly and to give me a renewed sense of drive and motivation to really make some progress at work.

This weekend was the perfect blend of busy vs. relaxing. On Friday night I had a relaxing evening in and made some yummy chicken and rice followed by a dab of ice cream.

Saturday I got to go out to my bosses house and celebrate her daughter's first birthday. I have to say I was so impressed with this party. There was a moon-bounce, face painting, awesome kids food (we are talking home made mac n' cheese, mini sandwiches, peanut butter and celery, chicken nuggets, and capri sun, oh and some beer :) ). I had a ton of fun as my bosses family are some of the most amazing people and have really taken me under their wing since I started working with her. Later that night I made Erin's famous artichoke linguine and watched "An Education" which I have been waiting for on my netflix for awhile. Good movie, but not as great as I was hoping it to be.

Check out that cake!!
The birthday girl rocking her awesome new fuzzy pink cheetah print slippers. She was a hoot!
Sunday I met up with Brooke who had some peeps in town visiting and we went to a Nats game. I am seriously going to miss Brooke more than words can express, but am excited for her to be able to start the next chapter of her life in Seattle.

Sunday night I enjoyed a relaxing dinner out and then dealt with some life. Friends (especially Seattle people- thank you for helping me get through that moment- you are all amazing!)

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