Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bridesmaid Inspiration

So I usually think about dresses, rings, decor, location etc for weddings but I came across this necklace today and I would love love love (Shout out to you cole!) to have my bridesmaids wear these. I am like 99% sure I am going to have a very neutral palate for my wedding colors (if and when that even occurs) but I don't want neutral to=boring. But rather me to really focus on lavish details and dramatic things like this necklace!

Necklace: Vera Wang found on: FashionFuss

A little bit more Vera for you all. But I am in love with this!

Vera Wang Dress as seen on Bravobride

I am a big fan of large sashes and big full skirts that are odd layers of fabric. What I really like is the back of this dress has all those layers and they look unfinished but completely polished at the same time. Stunning.


  1. hah! you know i would wear that necklace. i would wear that on a regular day also.

  2. have you seen these??? I am IN LOVE with them (sorry it's a japanese site..)