Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

I have had a glorious day eating brunch, dying Easter eggs and buying Easter candy to take over in an "Easter Bag" for Ben (since I felt like that is something my mom would do- it oddly felt needed). Ben cooked up a delish brunch of french toast, and quiche. I brought fresh fruit and champagne for some classy Easter mimosas. After we polished off brunch sitting on his rooftop deck we dyed some fabulous Easter eggs, which has always been a favorite holiday past time of mine growing up.

Ben and I have celebrated many a Easter's together ( a specific memory of Sun Valley, an Easter egg hunt and getting our picture taken with the Easter bunny when were much too old for such things jumps instantly into my head).

The eggs turned out fabulously. And I was especially excited to see two of the eggs turn out in a very Barbie-appropriate pink shade! The photos hardly do those ones justice because they were the color of Barbie's corvette and pink motorcycle...A-mazing. Tonight I am enjoying an Easter dinner complete with Stawberry Shortcake!
In the spirit of Easter I have to say a few words about my faith and what it has meant to me over the past year:
I had no idea that I could ever have gotten to this point in my life on my own. And by on my own I mean without my family, without my girlfriends/sisters being in the room next door to rub my back and watch Friends marathons with, and being unfamiliar with my surroundings. And I will be the first to admit that my faith and my conscious effort to explore that faith have been put on the back burner in comparison to other aspects of my life. But I do look back and see in all those dark times, where I was unsure if I would come out on the other side alive and functioning, I was there silently praying and relying on my faith to guide me and provide the support when I felt completely unsure of what I am doing. And I must say that my decisions have turned out well...and I have ended up in a fabulous point in my life where I know I am doing ok and learning and growing each day. Today was a prime example that the Lord provides, and even when you are not actively seeking Him, He doesn't forget you. I have been provided with such wonderful friends and I know that there are people watching out for me, which is one of the most comforting things in the world.

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