Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letters to a Young Poet

I stumbled upon this today:

Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart.
Try to love the questions themselves,
like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language.
Do not now look for the answers.
They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them.
It is a question of experiencing everything.
At present you need to live the question.
Perhaps you will gradually,
without even noticing it,
find yourself experiencing the answer,
some distant day.
Letters to a Young Poet
-Rainer Maria Rilke
I don't want to say much more, since I feel like I might ruin it. But I read this and I just stopped and realized that I am clinging so desperately to making sure I have the "answers" and really I am leeching the enjoyment out of life be feeling like I have to be in control and know exactly what is going to happen. I love these beautiful words.

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