Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pickle Bar

Alright it isn't realllly called pickle bar it is actually called the Quarry House Tavern in Silver Spring MD. To say this place is a gem of a bar is an understatement! This was my second voyage to this perfectly-crowded-so-you-know-it-is-a-good-time-but-not-to-the-point-where-you-want-to-leave bar where burgers, a stellar beer list, tater gems (yes Gems...I am from I-Da-Ho people), grilled cheese are delish and at great prices. But the true starlet of the Quarry is the spectacular (add this to the list of Iamanadultandieatwhatiwant list) fried pickles.

Let that soak in for a minute.

ahhh. yes.

You read right.



Yes, fried.


This place is in Erin's hood so Brooke and I ventured up there, had some "classy" girls time sipping on some wine before we hoofed over to the bar. Upon arrival we promptly order our beers (if the strawberry one is on tap--get it! Don't even think twice!) and two--t-w-o, orders of fried pickles. Trust me for three people this is barely enough. Once you put on of those fried, battered, pickle spears in your mouth you will wish you would just have them coming with your beers!

We also devoured some amazing grilled cheese sandwiches where you might say "oh bar food" au contrare!

Brooke enlightened us to this fact: "When asked about the debate about buttering the bread or the grill when making grilled cheese sandwiches the chef of the quarry says "I butter both"'. Now that is what I am talking about. Screw the debate over what technique is better, the more butter the better (thank you Julia Childs)

Another great part of this adventure is my pictures were taken on a disposable camera! I can not tell you how much fun it was to run around with a wind and click camera (which we occasionally forgot to use the flash). Pretty sure I am going to start taking one out with me more often. Anyways, this also means I have yet to scan them into my computer. So you will have to wait in suspense to see the photos from this adventure. Probably better...once you set eyes on those pickles it is just downhill from there!

Photos to come!


  1. Dude I can't wait to be reunited with fried pickles and grilled cheese! (and ranch, lots of ranch)

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  3. I had fried pickles once! They were fantastic!...must..have..more..temptation..unbearable..

  4. You need to try Poutine.....fries with gravy and cheese! well on top of that myself I always ass ketchup vinegar and salt! MMMMM Its a canadian thing I supppose!
    Its a once every other month thing