Monday, April 19, 2010


So I never really wrote much about my parents coming to visit me. So here it goes. A readers digest version of the wonderful couple of days I got to see them here in DC.
I had to work a few days while they were here but we still snuck in some good sight seeing and
some great family dinners.

On Sunday after getting some decent sleep we got up and headed down to see if we could get tickets to go through Ford's Theater and see some Smithsonians. We managed to score some tickets to the Theater and while we were waiting we went to the National Archives which was cool since it was something I actually hadn't even done/seen here yet. We then did our Ford's Theater tour which has been on my to-do list forever and it did not disappoint! From there we headed to the Portrait gallery, at a bit of lunch and then headed back to my apartment to get my car to go see the Jefferson and then headed to Old Town to see my old 'hood and grab dinner at the Fish Market (Yum lobster pasta!) Dad had a scooner of beer which was pretty amazing.

Monday I had to work but met up with my parents in the evening for dinner at Potenza which was absolutely delish.
Tuesday the parents did some marathon sight seeing while I was at work and then we met up at the Brickskeller where I had the most amazing beer that I have ever put in contact with my lips. More of a desert but this beer was epic!

Wednesday I took the day off to spend some quality time with mom and dad and we fit in a ton! First we went out to the new air and space museum out by Dulles airport which was really fun.

After air and space we headed to Arlington National Cemetery.

We then trucked up to the National Cathedral which I had not seen since my adventures to DC way back in High School, so it was neat to see it again. I forgot what a stunning cathedral it is.

After the Cathedral we even made it over the White House- AND saw BO! Yes we got to see Bo Obama frolic around the south lawn. After the White House we had dinner at Founding Farmers (which I am sure you are all familiar with now as being one of my favorite places to eat in DC) and then took a night-time tour of my office before heading back to their hotel after a marathon of a day.

Sadly we had to say goodbye and the parents headed back to be parents to the poodle who I am sure was antsy without them! But we had a great trip and I am so glad they made it out here while I am living in DC!


  1. How sweet! It's too bad they couldn't bring the poodle with them!
    I totally understand how nice it is to see new things. I went to the imperial palace here 5 times!!

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