Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Birthday Month

I don't really want to talk about how old I am getting. Trust me...I am already having a minor crisis over it. But! If you can't beat 'em. Join 'em! And I am going to do my "joining" by online shopping. Revealing....my birthday month birthday wish list.

1) Up first....

The Oral B Pulsonic electric toothbrush. How adult of me...I know.

After that dentist appointment that practically made me bird poop in the examination chair, I am ready to finally get one of these. However, I want the most compact, smallest, lightweight version I can find and this Oral B one seems to fit the bill! Of course I have done my reading, and there is some debate on the different versions of electric toothbrushes, and while this one is compact, it doesn't seem to have as much movement in the bristles as some, but uses more of the pulsing to clean teeth. (Feeling informed? You should)

2) Plane Tickets

One in particular to go home (one way would be just fine with me :)) and see my family. I am getting to that stage of missing them, that I get choked up just thinking about how much I miss them. I would also take one to Seattle, Chicago, or Italy right about right. Basically anything to make me feel like a Dorothy who is clicking her rub red heels together and getting the heck out of dodge. 

3) A nice Curling Iron

In the DC humidity (so basically 2/3 of the year) my hair hardly holds a curl, but I am interested in knowing if a really good curling iron would make a difference!

The Hot Tools brand seems to get rave reviews, with a lot of people talking about their ultra fine and ultra limp hair (ummm can we say ME!). 

4) Big Girl Make-up and Brushes

Oddly as a get older, the cheaper my make-up gets. Pretty sure this should be the other way around, but I have slowly slid into a routine of finding the cheapest make-up that matches my skin tone and rocking it. Luckily the E.L.F. brand from Target is actually pretty amazing for being cheap, but I would love a full make-up re-do with some big girl products.

5) The Amanda Knox Book

I have followed the trial from pretty much the day Amanda was arrested to the final acquittal. I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

6) Some ADPi swag.

While I may be far along into my "Pi" years, I still have a deep love for all things ADPi. I adore the adult spin that the Lilly Pulitzer products put on wearing your letters and would love murfette scarf.

I have also always had a tingle of desire to own a President's ring, since that was pretty iconic back in the day if you were president of your chapter. I would love to finally get one so I can hopefully pass it down to my daughter (when she is an ADPi president too!).

7) The Jawbone UP

Track my sleeping patterns? 24/7 activity tracking? Plugs directly into my iPhone? Yes, Please! Such a cool concept, that I am sure would cause me to think twice about my living, eating, and sleeping habits!

End. The First Installment. Now time for my to go cry in my tea thinking about how I only have 10 9 days left as a 26 year old. wwwahhhhhhhh!!!!

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