Thursday, May 16, 2013

Paying for My Dentist's New Car

I can't tell if I find this representative of the jerk dentist or my mouth

Remember last November when I waltzed out of the dentist office with a clean bill of health after avoiding the dreaded dentist for a few years too long? Yup, that trip. Well.

All good things must come to an end.

My six month check-up started out bad (because when is the dentist good?) and it quickly slipped to bad, very bad, and then to getmethehellouttahere. The peppy hygienist talked to me like I knew who the 900 million people in her life where, meanwhile forgetting to clean my top teeth, telling me they looked fine, and then five minutes later scaring the shit out of me to tell me that my gums were about two minutes away from withering up and falling out of my mouth. Yes. It was that good of an appointment. Only to get better.

The dentist I saw last longer. No courtesy to tell me he was no longer with their clinic and they had to "rummage" up someone while I was sitting there. "Lucky for me" I got to see the owner of the clinic. He was rude, condescending and let me know that the dentist he clearly had fired, had sent me home with a mouth that was falling apart.

About $1,800 detailed out later...I walked out not sure if I was being scammed, or if I should eat one last steak before I undoubtedly lost all my teeth and started going by the name "gummy".

A few days later. With advice of my future dentist. A plethora of insight from some REALLY negative yelp reviews on this guy. I've decided I need a second opinion. While something could be wrong. I am very skeptical that this polo-playing, yacht-owning, golfing baboon is right about half my mouth rotting out before my eyes!

I just don't buy it. Sure. One issue. Two? Ok. But this is me. Never a cavity, a religious brusher, with zero sensitivity and pain.

Also, did I mention Yelp is riddled with reviews of people who went to him and he told them they were about to die from losing all their teeth, only for them to go somewhere else and be told everything was just fine?

We will see when I finally get a second opinion, but let's hope this guy just wanted to see if I would fund his newest car!

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