Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vegas Bound

In a little more than 2 weeks I will be Vegas bound to celebrate the future nuptials of one my dear sorority sisters and college friend. A whole group of us are spending two days in the sun, sitting pool side, drinking cocktails, putting on some glitter and doing up Vegas right. We are still putting the final touches on the planning and implementation, but I think we are close to getting the trip ironed out and ready to go! 

I can't wait to see some of my closets friends all in the same place at the same time! Throw in the fact that one of us is GETTING MARRIED! and I couldn't be much happier for all of us to get together! 

Now the hardest thing I am struggling with....the going out dress. I ordered two from asos, and sadly the weight watchers hasn't paid off enough for me to feel comfortable in either one of them. So I am at a loss. I want sequins. Maybe one shoulder. I don't want to look 12 (since my long hair is really making that problem worse than it normally is). I want to feel confident and also not worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions, because let's be real, I'll want to be completely focused on making sure the bride is having the time-of-her-life!

It looks like I am going to have to brave H&M and Forever 21 sometime this weekend, but does anyone else have any great suggestions on where I can find a 1) sparkly 2) Vegas-y 3) cheap dress to dance the night away in? 

Any tips for planning a bachelorette party? This is my first time being on the party planning committee and I want to make sure we do it up right!


  1. I figured I'd leave you a little comment! (1)H&M in Seattle had nothing Vegas-y as of Sunday - maybe better luck in DC. (2) Sponge bun from H&M ($3) holds much better and gives you a big awesome bun - could be a fun hair option!

  2. How fun! This might sound crazy but JCPenney has a LOT to choose from sometimes. You can always also go over the top with the accessories! You'll have a fabulous time no matter what :)