Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birthday Week

We are now into the countdown of my actual birthday week. Idontwannatalkaboutit.

These final days of the even numbered year for me are bitter sweet. I wish I'd done things differently. Made bolder moves. Bigger, better decisions. Taken more risks. But couldawouldashulda right? Better to just focus on my annual birthday wish list. We left off with number 7 from the initial installment.

8) Toms Wedges

The linen Tom's wedge is the perfect wedge for summer. How much more versatile can you get!?!

9) Real Simple Magazine Subscription

I lucked out with some extra airline miles that got turned into a plethora of magazines. Real Simple is always one of my favorites and I miss getting this in my mailbox each month. I am also not opposed to Martha Stewart Living if anyone is feeling generous.

10) SHRM Membership

After getting my certification last year, I am now having to focus on re-certifying and maintaining my PHR credentials. This requires a lot of continuing education, and much of this is offered through SHRM. Having my membership fee covered would be amazing!  

11) Apple Wireless Keyboard

My ipad is so amazing. I love that thing. It is light, compact, and just plain cool. While I do blog on it, I certainly can type a lot faster on normal keyboard. The wireless keyboard would solve that problem (and with an ailing computer on my hands) would make my ipad just that more functional.  

12) An External Hard Drive

I am wracking up a lot of photos between the big girl camera and the iphone(s), and ipads in my life. Considering I still haven't been able to rescue the photos from my last old computer, and with my current one on the fritz, I would prefer to get all my "valuables" stored so I'll have them going forward.

13) Kate Spade Twirl or SJP's Lovely or Just A Signature Scent
I feel like it is an adult thing to have a signature scent. Nothing crazy, just a light everyday scent that is pleasant, adult and feminine.
14) Idaho Necklace from Alter Designs

I ordered a necklace for the BF's cousins graduation from medical school and I loved it. They are teeny tiny, which I love. With this, I could always keep Idaho close to my heart.

15) A Silhouehette Die- Cutting Machine

A crafters dream. A DREAM! Granted I don't have a tone of time to craft these days but I would consider this an investment in my crafting career. Lust. It is the Kitchen-Aid Mixers of crafting supplies.


  1. Happy Birthday week! :) I love everything on your wish list...especially the dainty little Idaho necklace! (and yes! they still do the jelly bean at the bottom of the cones! although, the one mo and I shared didn't have one, but my sister in law and mother in law both yeah, i guess they still do it) :)

  2. i am LOVING the wedges and the little state necklaces. I need a WA to take with me on my travels :)