Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Founder's Day

As cliche as I am sure it sounds, my decision to join a sorority was not based solely on the benefits it had during my college years. A long history of Greek letters run in my family, and while the family heritage aspect has always called to me, the examples all of my family has set in regards to the lifelong commitment and benefits Greek life brings.

Perhaps this year the timing of Founder's Day was just spot on, or the longer I am out of school, the more I realize how blessed I am for the experience I had. Whatever the reason, I felt such an immense sense of pride today.

While I could go on about the FIRST. The FINEST. And the FOREVER. of my sisterhood, what really stood out to me today was how proud I am of the friendships and relationships I built through my sorority, and how they undoubtedly made me the person I am today.

In browsing some online forums today about ADPi life, someone wrote about the offense statement that people say on occasion to Greeks, which is "All a house the requirement to pay for your friends". There was spot on response that one individual used in response to these statements. "Well if I did pay for my friends, I certainly didn't pay enough". Amen.

My sisters have been the cornerstone of my life. I am lucky. I am blessed. I am so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to become their sister and today is just a reminder of what I am so very lucky to have in my life.
Happy Founder's Day Sisters! We Live for Each Other!


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