Friday, May 3, 2013

Creamy Avocado Whole Wheat Pasta with Shrimp

How will I tie a cooking adventure to Jenni's day three prompt? Well....something that makes me uncomfortable is cooking seafood. Shrimp, clams, some fish, crab, etc.. One, it is expensive (usually). Two, I don't really know what I am doing. Steak, chicken, pork---cook till done. Fish. Seafood. Who the heck knows! Three, it can make your apartment smell.

Not being exactly the best cook in the world. I survive, but am certainly not the person you want in your kitchen cooking dinner. Baking you cupcakes, absolutely. Cooking shrimp. Nope, wrong girl.

Well yesterday I saw a post over at Kevin and Amanda for a pasta dish that used avocado as the sauce. It reminded me that I had bookmarked a similar recipe MONTHS ago, and had yet to try it. With a free evening last night, I decided to give Amanda's recipe a try.  

Amazingly, it was a HUGE success. It was delish! I am so proud of my cooking skills! The shrimp were....dare I say it?....good. REALLY good.

Now I know this isn't the normal response to something that makes one uncomfortable, but it was a good link between my dinner adventure and my blog every day challenge! I say it is a win!

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