Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do What Makes You Happy

Never mind the fact that this is the first time in my young adult life that I can kind-of-sort-of-pretend-to-support-myself but I am half (ok almost all the way) thinking that giving that up to be Jamie Meares intern. If I could move to NC overnight I would beg this woman to let me be her minon. Honestly...she is a design genius. I am planning a pilgrimage to her store that recently opened and sports some of the most amazing furniture, accessories and design items I have ever laid eyes on. Mrs. Meares...consider this my application:

I think you are awesome. You also own the Giraffe measuring spoons from anthro. which when I saw in one of your pictures I knew I was going to blog crush. I think I am pretty awesome too. I think being your intern would be a turning point to finally do something I love.

So if you are thinking a remote intern could benefit you in anyway, shape or form. I say "Pick me. Choose me. Please. Please." Legitimately...I would love being your intern.
Well if you want to try to beat me out of my dream internship...head over to isuannee right now and steal Jamie away from. I will forgive you. Maybe. Someday. Not.

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  1. Awh. I'm glad you like me bc my husband says I have a mullet and look like mcguyver.