Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Twirly Skirts

I was checking out the Wedding Section over at MarthaStewart unwinding from a generally insanely busy day. I saw these stunning dresses and just thought I would share. These are both stunning! I love the skirts on both of them. I am starting to find that I really like the really textured, visually eye-catching skirts on wedding dresses. The only thing about the one on the left is that the top piece of fabric looks a bit like a napkin since the point is facing directly down. (nothing that alterations couldn't fix) The one of the right reminds me of frosting. Beautifully delish!

Also if you are looking to amuse yourself for a bit and indulge that attraction to wedding stuff head over to theknot.com and try out their "inner bride" tool. This is what I created the other day:

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