Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is in the Air

It has been absolutely stunning outside the last few days. I got to rock my new ensemble from Target (brown leggings, teal skirt, navy blue tank and a white cardigan, complete with pearls of course!) *note to self: time to go buy more spring/summer clothes!

This weather reminds me of one of my favorite past times in Seattle:
This is one of my favorite places in Seattle. Just a short walk/drive from UW's campus there is a beautiful little lake with a great walking path, tons of people with dogs and friends. Starbucks and a cute wading pool that little kids play in during the hot summer months. I used to love going to Greenlake, grabbing a cup of coffee and strolling around the path with my friends, chatting and gossiping like sorority girls do.

On a sun day in Seattle this is such a great spot to go people watching, read a book in the grass, go for a run, hang out with friends, rate people's dogs on a scale of cuteness and even rent a paddle boat! You also tend to ALWAYS run into someone you know which is something I love. Or you might just see Dave Matthews with dog.

I have fond memories at Greenlake and even when I go back to Seattle to visit I request to go walk the lake with my friends.

photo courtesy of: Idealog

With my ladies my last trip to Seattle

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