Monday, March 22, 2010

Memory Monday: Pick-Up Lines Continued

This memory is courtesy of Carly over at Life's Lemons and Limes and her comment on my last post about my crazy elevator adventure the other day.

One of my favorite places to study in college was the University Village Starbucks . It is my understanding that this location is the most heavily trafficked Starbucks location in the world (even over the original location by Pike Place). This could totally be UW urban legends taking form, but I buy it since it was always an adventure to find a table to sit at. When you would go in you would first have to scout for a table by watching people's every move to see if they were about to leave and then staking your claim by unpacking all of your study materials and then go get in line to get your beverage.

My late nights at Starbucks usually involved a sorority sister and this particular night I convinced Carly to keep me company while I "studied". I vaguely remember Carly was working on a crossword and I was reading for Philosophy of Dance class (amazing class, by far one of my favorites in the UW dance department) but we were also bitching about men and I was venting my frustrations about my then long distance relationship.

There were two guys sitting next to us and they occasionally offered a word for Carly's crossword puzzle. The night wore on, we bitched, we studied, we worked on that crossword and the hours just ticked on by. The boys next to us decided to leave and one of them comes over, slides a piece of paper with his name and number on it over to me and says a horribly provocative and revolting pick-up line (I would be ashamed to document it here) but use your most gross disgusting imaginations and you might come close to what he said.

Needless to say Carly and I just about had our jaws detach. It was unbelievable! Granted I seem to have a knack for picking up guys in Starbucks (definitely ended up dating a guy I met in Starbucks) and to this day I still tend to find myself making some odd connections in Starbucks. But this might top all of my Starbucks experiences.

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