Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Family Takes on DC

Today is the big day!!

My mom and dad are coming to visit me in DC!!! My mom came out last March with her good friend Victoria, who is Ben's mom and I had a great time with them here last year. Now that both my parents are going to be here I am so excited to show them around my new neighborhood and show them the city. I don't believe my dad has ever been to DC, so there is a lot to show him! I did have some trouble getting tickets to do all the touristy things- but I think we will manage to stay busy while they are here.

Some things I would really like to get to show them and are on the agenda:

Capitol tour (minus me which is okay since I have done it 5 times now)

Smithsonians (minus me as well-work calls)

Air and Space out by Dulles (excited since I have never been)

National Cathedral Tour

Tour of my office (for my dad)

See the White House (Bo I hope you are outside playing!)

Arlington National Cemetery maybe?

Old town Alex/Mount Vernon?

Spy Museum?



Of course we will do the monuments and memorials

I am tentatively planning a dinner at my apartment for us to have a night in and so they can see my new living situation (since I adore it!)

I really can hardly control my excitement! My family really is great, and while I am sure we are dysfunctional like every other family out there- I love 'em! Counting down the hours till I pick them up at the airport!

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  1. If you're trying to keep the mood light, I do not recommend the Holocaust museum. I cried. Then drank away my sorrows.