Monday, March 1, 2010

International Badge Day- Memory Monday

So today was International Badge Day so naturally I had to rock my ADPi pin to work. So I put on my cute new dress, curled my hair and rocked the pin like my presidency days. So in combination of International Badge Day AND Memory Monday (yes I know, a bit late today) I am going to write about my bid day experience.

Recruitment was awful! No one tells you (well at least no one told me!) that finding a sorority is usually not the most enjoyable experience.

I started out optimistic, thinking that I was bound to end up in my sister or my mom's houses...and quickly discovered that it just wasn't going to be a "mutually beneficial" fit. I called my mom more times than I care to remember crying that I had made the wrong decision to go to school at UW and really made the wrong decision to join a house. Bless my mom and her judgement, but the next thing I know my mom tells me that my sister was driving over from school in Idaho where she was in graduate school at the time to be with through the rest of recruitment.

I remember waking up the morning of bid day and my sister and I went to a Starbucks in UVille and I was so nervous I could hardly eat. Out of my three houses I had left, I knew which one I wanted to be in, and deep down I knew that I wouldn't say yes to the other two. Nicole was so sweet and counselled me through the whole morning.

Standing on the stairs that going down into the big beautiful quad on UW's campus I remember getting handed my bid card. Frantically I ripped open the white envelope when they said "go" and frantically started reading my bid card. There were screams all around me and girl running to their respective houses banners that were set up on the lawn. I read, re-read, and re-re-read my bid card thinking "what the heck! What house am I in?". Unfortunately ADPi didn't have the most straightforward bid cards! My bid card said "Alpha Theta Chapter" which is the chapter of ADPi "invites you...blah blah blah"...well thank goodness I finally figured it out!

My wonderful sister caught the whole experience on camera as I ran to my house and put on my matching t-shirt and joined the girls that I had no idea would end up being some of the best friends I would ever know.

After the run, yes a literal run to the house and all the millions of photos that get taken, my sister helped me go back to the dorm and load up all of my stuff to take back to my sorority. Once I got moved in my sister had to head back to Idaho in time for classes and studying and I said a teary goodbye. (I am the most homesick/sentimental person!).

Later after starting to put away my worldly belongings I found a card tucked inside my purse.

I have kept the card to this day, and now it is in my office to remind me that I am "simply fabulous". But inside the card my sister included the letter she had sent to her sorority recommending me as a sister. To be honest, I am not sure I have ever read that letter to this day and not gotten completely choked up with tears.

After all that drama it is so amazing to see that I ended up joining an amazing chapter, made amazing friends, had a wonderful 4 years living in the chapter house, became president, and still love calling myself an ADPi! And while I love my sisters, I have to say that my real sister made all the difference and I owe it to her that I did end up having such a great sorority experience!

My pin that I rocked today to represent! Like It, Love it Alpha Alpha Delta Pi!

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