Sunday, March 7, 2010

Martha Martha Martha

I feel like I had a fairly productive weekend (granted NOTHING got checked off of my personal to do list. sigh.) running errands, taking care of puck, cleaning, etc..

Reader's Digest Version:

Friday night I enjoyed some comfort food.

Saturday I met up with a friend for lunch, battled target, B&N, Pier 1, and pretty much any other suburbanite store you can think of. Then enjoyed a cup of chai at Buzz (which I miss! One sad thing about leaving my apartment in VA).Saturday night I had coworker/friend(s) come over to partake in some wine and watching wedding crashers.

This morning I was up earlier than I usually am on weekends, which actually was very nice (despite the fact that my eye lids are heavy right now) but I took care of Puck and the ran some more errands (i.e. grocery store, paper source, macys, and also got to watch the Caps practice for a bit while I was in Ballston). I also had a ADPi Board Meeting tonight and then came home, drank some wine and baked some cookies. I also managed to watch Julie and Julia today which I have wanted to see for quite some time.

To touch on something that has changed my life:

Photo Courtesy of
I bought three of these, one small, medium and one large for my flour, sugar and brown sugar. Naturally Martha would have such a great product! Airtight, easy grip side for pouring, the measuring cups are awesome (never wash a measuring cup for flour again!) and I love the teal/turquoise! They aren't as visually appealing as the jars I used from IKEA but I think much more practical and were a good investment for a long time to come.
I certainly did not have enough weekend! I could use 3-4 days to just relax and work on that personal to do list! Especially when the weather is so spectacular!

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