Friday, March 19, 2010

Horrible Elevator Encounter

A quick little story for your Friday amusement.

Yesterday I was headed to an HR professional development lunch that meets every month. I was wearing the safari skirt and a black top, big-ass-jason(coworker)-would-say-don't-f-with-me-sunglasses, rocking my gorgeous green bag, legs-for-days (as much as you can being 5 feet tall) in my favorite wedges, and generally looking like a woman on a mission. I sign it to the building and head to the elevator bank where I holler for a guy who just got in to hold the door. The following conversation resulted:

"What's goin' on on the 7th floor?"

"A HR professional development lunch"

"Oh really? And you belong to this?"


"Maybe I should come develop myself with you"

O. M. G.

Did that really just come out of your mouth sir. And we are not talking about some eligible bachelor type who I would have accepted and after work drink invitation from. We are talking about someone who most likely had children and no business saying such a comment. Never mind the fact that it was sleazy, slimy, and so NOT the way to woo me.

So my own business version of a Greys Anatomy elevator


  1. i think howie still takes the cake for "most creepy attempt at a pickup"

  2. Oh goooooddnesss I almost completly forgot about Howie, but oh god that might have been the most disgusting, revolting, hilarious and pathetic pick up line ever. sick. ew. I have the creeps now. But I am glad you were there to witness the level of disgusting.