Monday, March 8, 2010

Memory Monday

Freshman year I was picked to be my chapters Miss Greek representative for the annual Miss Greek pageant. Now before you double over in laughter, or write me off as a pageant queen let me tell was HARD work! We had a fundraising goal of $7,000 and when you are a full time student you hardly have time to find $7,000. My chapter also had some strange rules about contacting alum and what not, but my chapter got behind me %100 and somehow from all the random fundraising events we did, we had one of our best years for the pageant!

My pledge class helped organized a date auction. The living room of my house was packed! Guys sitting EVERYWHERE! The girls got really into their costumes and we had everything from Barbie to a sexy scientist. We all got to pick a song and had a witty introduction read about us, and then the bidding began! Needless to say we raised A LOT of money that night! I really hope I thanked my pledge class enough for supporting me and putting themselves through this!
In the end we didn't win any of the awards that year for Miss Greek, but we raised a lot of money, I had a ton of fun being our representative and teaming up with Carly to show off my fiddling skills (yes, that is right...I play the fiddle. I am from Idaho. I am pretty cool. I know.)


  1. oh such good memories. even better than the auction? the date...NOT. hahaha. awful.

  2. OMG i VIVIDLY remember that night. Because that's the night I accepted my bid!! hahahaha

  3. You got offered a bid at a date auction. *shaking head* oh goodness.